Born in Italy but living between UK and USA since 2002. So, yes, I have an accent and no, I don't miss the food.


I have been working in cinema since graduating in Film Studies and Screen Practice from the Roehampton University, just outside London. I worked mainly in production and in the AD department in several movies including Harry Potter, Hugo, Quartet, 47 Ronin and Maleficent  - but my passion has always been documentaries.


In 2011, while based in London, I completed Volunteers come forward! about a group of liquidators involved in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster clean up operations.


I moved to Los Angeles in 2012.

After a stint in advertising working on PepsiCo and Westfield accounts as project coordinator I worked on a freelance basis on various commercials and started filming Chase is a Race, a documentary on illegal street racing in Los Angeles. 

After a motorcycle accident (yes yes, I know they are dangerous) I was confined to limited movements for few months and started working full time as an editor for Petrolicious. Once healed I picked up the camera again.

In February 2018 I started filming the first series of the Peking to Paris. In the summer of 2019 I directed a crew of six divided in two cars and filmed the rally from Beijing, China to Paris, France over 36 days. The series has been edited and will be released shortly

I am an extremely well organized person who can focus while operating under pressure and under extreme working conditions. I am collaborative but able to work independently. I believe that having worked as producer and now as creative made me develop the skills necessary to blend an artistic vision with the client's scope and requirements. 


While I seem to orbitate around cars and motorcycles quite a lot I also have strong interests in music, history, true crime, soccer, architecture, design and animals. I am based in Los Angeles where I live with my 3 cats and 4 motorcycles.